A realm both vast and mysterious, largely unexplored by the people who inhabit it. While Guilds build men into masters and Nations continue their disputes, one would be a fool to assume that it is Kings who rule these lands...
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And That's a Wrap
Da Ruleses I_icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 12:18 am by Kami
This website is now officially closed. All topics must be finished, and all character must register on the New Website All ranking exams will be finished and ranked by a seperate proctor, and all money will be reset to $200 for everyone in order to make way for the new currency system, coming soon.

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Your Site-Moving Questions, Answered~!
Da Ruleses I_icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 3:12 pm by Kami
We've been getting a good amount of questions regarding the move and the time skip that the move will created for all characters. So here are a few general questions, along with their answers, and of course feel free to post any more concerns you have here.

Q: What abilities or weapons will we be able to add or expand on?
A: Not a whole lot, honestly. I'd say a few improvements on what you already have, but not by a lot, as well as maybe one or two new techniques. Let's not do a major overhaul, because that would then disrupt your rank, which will not change in the move. As for weapons, …

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Skye Silverclaw
King of the Sunlit Kingdom
King of the Sunlit Kingdom
Skye Silverclaw

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PostSubject: Da Ruleses   Da Ruleses I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 4:13 pm

For people coming from Vescrutia, forget everything you knew about a roleplaying universe. There's no "ninja system," no set ranks of Genin to Kage, no Kekkei Genkais, and most importantly, we are not a Village website. All we are after is free, open ended roleplaying.

Now, with that being said, I want you to read this with no previous assumptions of how things work.

In addition, all of these sections are/will be discussed with more detail in the Escellsian Basics threads.


The essential levels of ranks are going to be the same seven ranks as they were before, just renamed and not indicated by a group anymore. Instead, the sole indication of how power lies in the amount of stars in the rank by your avatar. While nations have fancy names for each rank, the essential and true name for each rank indicates more accurately how powerful you are.

From weakest to strongest, the core ranks are:

7th Rank
6th Rank
5th Rank
4th Rank
3rd Rank
2nd Rank
1st Rank

Pretty simple, no? Though do keep in mind that any fancy rank title, like for instance, a Knight of the Sunlit Kingdom, is still considered a 3rd Ranked character. It'll take some getting used to, but it should make sense in the long run. This also makes it possible for any character to rank all the way up to 1st rank without necessarily being the leader of a nation, and for nation leaders to be lower than the top. For instance, Skye's a 3rd ranked character and Alyss is 6th ranked, but they're both stil King and Queen of their kingdom.


Guilds are a collection of three organizations founded on the basis of training the members of Escellsia, divided based on each characters skills. The Covenant takes in characters who specialize mostly in physical combat; the Underworld takes those who rely more on stealth and speed, while the Academy takes in people who specialize in energy manipulation - mage-types if you will.

What guilds provide is an environment for characters to train and hone their skills, with resources and people and a basic leadership system to aid in that. The leaders of the guilds are elected every now and then by the general population of the guild, and as such the leader can be at any rank, from 7th to 1st.

Guilds are also now solely in charge of Rankng Exams, in which members of a guild rank their lower ranked members. That is, someone can only take a ranking exam by someone at least 2 ranks higher than them. For example, a 5th rank character can only be tested by a 3rd rank or higher, etc. This also makes joining a guild mandatory, but not immediate, in that people who are part of no guild can never rank up and get stronger.


These are large groups of organized government, owning a large amount of land in the Escellsian realm, and each having their own anime or original aspect in their borders. Nations can only have one major aspect or anime-like system, such as the Sunlit Kingdom, which has the aspect of Fate//Stay Night, and the Province of Kiez, which has its own, original system of the Shrewish race and its abilities. The one rule over Nations is that they can only have one such aspect under them.

Another thing is that Nations and Guilds do interact with another, but neither is above or below the other. They cooperate as two seperate organizations, the Nations having power over the land and character tributes, while the Guilds preside over character development and strength.

Characters can by all means go on and rank up and progress in their storyline without being part of a Nation, but it would be good to note that without a Nation, that character would have limited to no access to an aspect the Nation controls.

In-Character Events

These include fights, missions, etc. All these will now be done in the open, guildless and nationless fields scattered throughtout the Escellsian Realm itself (basically the homepage.) This provides for more accurate scenes to happen, as well as more variety with where threads or scenes actually occur. Note that random outside events, such as the occasional creature or Pokemon, may be brought out and roleplayed by any one of the branches of Nature, which will be explained later...


We strongly encourage you to make each character as detailed and unique as possible, without stealing aspects directly from any series, or more importantly, other people on the site. Most importantly, by all means feel free to expand on your character(s) as you will, we're a free, open-ended place without character dominance of importance, etc. Do keep in mind though, once your character dies, it is almost certainly dead for good, unless previously arranged or whatever with an Admin.

With all that said, be sure to have fun, be creative, and enjoy the site. :3

"Try to pretend like you understand what's important~"

Skye's Speshul Myu-zick
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Alyss Frey
Queen of the Sunlit Kingdom
Queen of the Sunlit Kingdom
Alyss Frey

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PostSubject: Re: Da Ruleses   Da Ruleses I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 11:39 am

Oh yes, it is also recommended, along with this to go to the other threads for more detail on each of these aspects. They're much more detailed. They're all more than just one small paragraph can give you. These are more bullet points. Such as the guilds, in this it sounds like guilds pick and choose. And in that sense it is very wrong. Guilds are all open ended. For example, for a very weak person joined Convenant, it would make sense because they want to focus on strength to improve.

It is always very important to remember that you may also go to other guilds to train yourself in that attribute that they major in.
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Da Ruleses
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