A realm both vast and mysterious, largely unexplored by the people who inhabit it. While Guilds build men into masters and Nations continue their disputes, one would be a fool to assume that it is Kings who rule these lands...
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And That's a Wrap
Makai's Equipment I_icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 12:18 am by Kami
This website is now officially closed. All topics must be finished, and all character must register on the New Website All ranking exams will be finished and ranked by a seperate proctor, and all money will be reset to $200 for everyone in order to make way for the new currency system, coming soon.

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Your Site-Moving Questions, Answered~!
Makai's Equipment I_icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 3:12 pm by Kami
We've been getting a good amount of questions regarding the move and the time skip that the move will created for all characters. So here are a few general questions, along with their answers, and of course feel free to post any more concerns you have here.

Q: What abilities or weapons will we be able to add or expand on?
A: Not a whole lot, honestly. I'd say a few improvements on what you already have, but not by a lot, as well as maybe one or two new techniques. Let's not do a major overhaul, because that would then disrupt your rank, which will not change in the move. As for weapons, …

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 Makai's Equipment

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Makai Kasai

Makai Kasai

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PostSubject: Makai's Equipment   Makai's Equipment I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 7:17 pm

Makai's Equipment

Twin Muramasa

Description: Twin Light blue Muramasa or cursed sword. Swords that once drawn can not be sheathed until they have claimed blood. Makai carries two of these. they are made of titanium so their stronger than the average sword but are still breakable. They are capable of being used to harness his fire magic.


Twin Odachi

Description: Twin Light blue Odachi that Makai carries. These swords are made of titanium like his other swords so they are strong and durable. They are made to be able to harness his fire magic combining with it for his sword style.[/center]


Twin Tengoku

Discription: A tengoku is a sword crossed between a Katana and a Claymore. it is curved like a katana. The bottom half is single bladed and curved while the top half still curved but not as much but it is double edged. It is thicker at the top then the botton.


Pyro Guns

Description: Makai's hand guns that he created for himself made to harness the pwoer of his fire magic. They are black with a large red X on the edges of them



Description: Makai has specially made chains wrapped around his torso and arms. They can harness his fire magix to extend and multiple. Each of them is capable of splitting at the tip into three more chains which wll ehad in the same direction the originals were aimed for. Using fire magic Makai can control the directions in which they move.


Bow and Arrow

Description: A bow and Arrow Makai created to harness his fire magic. he can channel fire into his arrows to deal more damage or create his own arrows of fire and launch them. Using a real arrow as a base uses less mana then creating his own.


Flame of Rebuke

Description: The flame of Rebuke is a rare item that is held within the Kasai clan. Only 10 of these items were ever created. makai holds the last 5 on his body. By consuming one of these Makai's power is quadrupled surpassing his previous point and healing all wounds and restoring his mana at point of consuming. But this power only lasts for 30 minutes. After that their body is left broken, weakened and battered and the users life span is cut in half each time it is used. They stll hold a small power boost of a power increase of 1/2.

It takes the form of a golden flame. THis flame can also be eaten by other fire users.


Magical Fire

Description: Magical fire is fire of magic Makai has collected over the ears and had sealed it into tubes . he keeps them on his body at all times to eat encase he can't consume any fire at all. He will either use them as a meal or use them tpo encase his swords in fire to hide his abilities and use some of his sword techniques,


Magical Bullets

Description: Bullets filled with a supply of magical powers used by Magic. Each has a different power and a different level. level 1 bullets being the weakest level 5 bullets the strongest. They hold elemental, destruction, healing and many more styes of magical powers inside. Each only having one power though.

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White Shrew of the Province of Kiez
White Shrew of the Province of Kiez

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PostSubject: Re: Makai's Equipment   Makai's Equipment I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 10:33 pm

The pic for the bow is already being used...please find another one.....thanks
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Makai's Equipment
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