A realm both vast and mysterious, largely unexplored by the people who inhabit it. While Guilds build men into masters and Nations continue their disputes, one would be a fool to assume that it is Kings who rule these lands...
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And That's a Wrap
Sun May 30, 2010 12:18 am by Kami
This website is now officially closed. All topics must be finished, and all character must register on the New Website All ranking exams will be finished and ranked by a seperate proctor, and all money will be reset to $200 for everyone in order to make way for the new currency system, coming soon.

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Your Site-Moving Questions, Answered~!
Wed May 26, 2010 3:12 pm by Kami
We've been getting a good amount of questions regarding the move and the time skip that the move will created for all characters. So here are a few general questions, along with their answers, and of course feel free to post any more concerns you have here.

Q: What abilities or weapons will we be able to add or expand on?
A: Not a whole lot, honestly. I'd say a few improvements on what you already have, but not by a lot, as well as maybe one or two new techniques. Let's not do a major overhaul, because that would then disrupt your rank, which will not change in the move. As for weapons, …

[ Full reading ]
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 Sadi's Jutsu

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Sadi D
Drifter, 3rd Rank
Drifter, 3rd Rank
Sadi D

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PostSubject: Sadi's Jutsu   Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:50 pm

Summoning: Bennu
Because of our fusion, I can summon the Bennu at certain times. When I do, it seals itself inside of me and gives me access to its energy and abilities.

Summoning: Desert Wolves
I summon a pack of desert wolves who'll attack the opponent relentlessly. If I summon them as a fusion, I get a speed boost and higher agility.

Summoning: Bird of Paradise
I can summon a single bird of paradise or a flock. Each type has a different effect though.
Greater Bird of Paradise: Flies over the battlefield spreading poison gas.

Raggiana Bird of Paradise: Flies between me and the opponent and creates a furious sandstorm.

Red Bird of Paradise: Lands on my shoulder and heals my wounds.

Gold Bird of Paradise: Flies around the opponent shooting fire balls.

Emperor Bird of Paradise: Lands on my shoulder and restores some chakra.

Blue Bird of Paradise: Flies above the battlefield causing blizzard.

Birds of Hell: A flock of Paradise Crows fly around the opponent, pecking and clawing at them.

Half Moon: Wolf; also referred to as Wolf Moon
My most used kekkei genkai jutsu. It's also the jutsu to change me into my standard appearance. This transformation's appearance has one similar to that of a werewolf.
Stage 1: My hair becomes coarse like fur and my claws and canines grow longer and sharper. My strength and speed increase slightly.
Stage 2: My feet change begin changing to paws, a tail grows and my ears grow longer and pointed. My default appearance. My strength and speed become near superhuman.
Stage 3: Transformation is near complete. My appearance is like that of a werewolf. My strength and speed are increased even more and I'm quicker to heal. My senses are so also more sensitive like that of a wolf's. My pain receptors numb while I'm like this meaning I can continue to fight despite how severe my injuries become though once I become human again, I'll be in extreme pain.
Stage 4: The strongest transformation and most dangerous. I'm more animal than human now. Instead of walking on 2 legs, I'm now a quadruped. The longer I stay in this state, the stronger I get, but if I stay like this too long, it's possible that I'll lose all sense of my human self.

Stage 3's appearance: It'd be blue fur though with white on my tail and hind paws.

Half Moon: Heavenly Dog
A transformation using the powers of the Bennu. I must be in stage 1 of Wolf Moon to use this.
Stage 1: The same as stage 1 of Wolf Moon, but I sprout chakra wings.
Stage 2: I gain the ability to lower or raise the temperature around myself. My speed and strength increase, but I become extremely agile.
Stage 3: My body becomes incredibly hot and I leave scorch marks on whatever I touch. My speed and strength stay the same, but my agility increases.

Elemental Type

Desert Extension
I send a small amount of chakra into a hole in the ground (caused by stabbing the earth with a finger or something similar) then wait. After awhile, sand begins to spill out of the hole due to the pressure of the chakra building up in such a tiny space and pushing up the crushed earth particles. The sand can then be at their aid through the entire battle unless cleared away somehow.

Sand Clone Technique
Acts like a normal Clone besides being made of sand. It has half my strength/speed and can do everything but perform jutsu. The clone can also take 2 basic attacks. If fighting close range, the sand may sink and absorb the enemy, restraining them for some time.

Exploding Wind
I control the wind to move around the opponent. This motion causes the particles in the air to rub against each other and create small sparks, but due to all the oxygen moving around them, the sparks are able to become tiny explosions which can hit the opponent.

Wind Bullet
I take control of the air around me and begin to compress it into tightly packed bunches. I then release the air in those bunches as bullets. The bullets are only strong enough to bruise though.

Great Breakthrough
I bring my hands to my mouth, sucking in air. After inhaling enough, I release it all with enough force to level anything directly in the path of the air.

Cutting Whirlwind (Can only be used while using Half Moon: Heavenly Dog)
I create a powerful gust of wind, mixed with my chakra, using wings. If the opponent is caught in the gust, a tornado will raise them into the air and hold them with the chakra. The power of the wind surrounding them will begin to slice the opponent like a scythe.

Great Cutting Whirlwind (Can only be used while using Half Moon: Heavenly Dog)
A larger and deadlier version of the Cutting Whirlwind. It has the same effects, but instead, this wind is strong enough to not only slice up the opponent, but the surrounding areas as well.

Drilling Air Projectile
I inhale a large amount of air, mixing it with my chakra. I then can release it in one explosive blast or in smaller, but still as effective, cannons.

Wind Needles
I control wind and shoot it like needles. The wind is usually formed from the tip of my finger and shot at will. This jutsu cannot be caught by bare hands due to the fact it is made from sheer wind, nor can it be stopped in its tracks. It can be shot with dozens at the same time, and does not have to move in a straight line. The needles are easier to spot than most due to the vacuum of air that they create.

Armor of Wind
I manipulate my chakra and the wind around me to create a whirlwind around my body. The wind forms a circle around me around six feet in diameter, picking up debris and acting as armor for me. Debris on the ground, as well as projectiles thrown towards it, becomes part of the armor and merely strengthens it. A taijutsu user is useless against the armor as the person will be knocked away or, in a worse case scenario, become apart of it.

Low Air Pressure Technique
This technique makes the air pressure in a room drop dramatically, causing anyone inside to fall asleep. It can only work in an enclosed area like a building or room.

Great Infinite Sandblast Breakthrough
I inhale deeply and then exhale a vicious stream of wind and sand capable of holding back a small army of ninjas.

Flame Sphere Technique
Using my body as a heat source, I mold chakra to amplify it and make it entirely visible. Then I expand it, using more chakra, and take on a red, spherical shape. This shield is used as a defense against both ninjutsu and taijutsu. It isn’t very powerful, though, and can only parry at most one technique before deactivating. A drawback to this jutsu, though, is based on my body temperature. If I perform this technique late in a fight I risk fainting due to both a drastic change in body temperature and already stressed body levels. If using the Bennu's chakra though, the barrier becomes strong enough to block any attack as long as the Bennu's chakra is still being channeled. There's is no limit due to body heat since the Bennu has an infinite amount of heat and can suck the heat from the air to stay warm. The only downside of that is now I'm at a greater risk of damaging myself due to the steady intake of extreme heat.

Inferno's Daitou
I focus all heat around me onto my skin. Then, by molding chakra in the most precise manner, I'm able to turn my entire arm into a long, flaming sword. It shoots out from the arm and remains there for a few moments, incinerating anything it touches. Comprised of the same sort of heat given off by the Flame Sphere, it is basically amplified to the point where it can be used offensively. If used for a long time, my arm will be singed and will be unavailable for the rest of the fight. If using the Bennu's abilities though, I won't suffer any damage due to the fire immunity.

Inferno's Kodachi
Similar to Inferno's Daitou. The only difference is that instead of one long sword forming, one short sword will form on both arms.

Burning Ash Accumulation
After forming the needed hand seals, I expel ash from my mouth. This large cloud begins to envelope my foe and when I click my teeth, the cloud will ignite in an explosion.

Phoenician Rage
I raise the temperature in the area, making it dry. After building up heat, I climb/jump/whatever to the point closest to the sun. I turn my back to the sun and perform hand seals. Clouds of fire form in the sky and multiple tornadoes of flames begin ravishing the area. If I'm not using the Bennu's abilities, this will deplete all my chakra, but even if I am, I'll be on my last leg.

Fire Clone Technique
Acts like a normal Clone besides being made of fire. It has half my strength/speed and can do everything I can, but can only perform fire jutsu. The clone can also take at most 10 basic attacks. When the clone is destroyed, it explodes, sending out flames to attack whoever is near.

Territoriality: A move used to create my own time and space. It surrounds me and my foe and blocks us from the outside world. All anyone outside of it would see would be a large area of grey clouds close to the ground. Within these territories are set rules when I create them. Should a rule be broken, the offending party will suffer extreme damage. However, despite being its creator, I'm not above the rules of the dimension. For instance, if no weapon usage is set as the rules and I pull out my spear or bomb boxes, the space around me will feel as though I was being crushed and I'd take damage. The more times you commit an offense though, the more the dimension will attack you with its force becoming greater each time. To use, I first set up an area where it will be (most likely with boxes) and summon it from within its boundaries. Once inside the territory, it cannot be left until I dismiss it.

Thousand Lotus Shower: I summon the Bennu and take its form. I then fly up pass the atmosphere and the sky goes black. The battlefield is then lit by fireballs fall from the sky in an elegant flurry of what appears to be flaming lotuses.

Naginata Judgement: A multiple hit technique. I rush the opponent, striking their pressure points before uppercutting them into the air. I jump up above them and axe kick them back down to the ground with explosive energy. As they fall to the ground, I pull out my spear and drop down at the enemy with the blades covered in explosive energy.

Easy Bake Oven: (only usable while in a territory) I create the boundaries of a territory while using Territorial. A dimensional is not created though, instead the dimension lays in wait for my enemy to step inside the boundaries. What happens then is the dimension shrinks to the size of a microwave. The person inside is not aware that they've shrunk, but they do notice the intense heat coming over the area. A ding is heard on my side and I open the dimension to reveal some type a pastry (each time is different). The pastry is a bomb though and will self destruct with the enemy baked inside. They'll return to normal once the item explodes. Can only be used once a battle though.

Sadi-bomb: During the fight, I charge up and absorb any heat in the air whether it be from friction or temperature. Once I've reached the right point (maybe about 4 posts worth of charging), I latch onto the enemy and blow up. While the attack damages the enemy more, I still suffer from using myself as a living bomb.

Hohoemi no Bakudan: After taking the Smile Bomb capsule, my mask begins to store chakra until fully charged (5 posts). After being charged, I wait for my opponent to get close and pull down my mask. A brief glimpse of a smile is all that's seen before the area is filled with blinding white light and the Smile Bomb goes off. While I would generally charge it until full, the longer the energy is not released, the more dangerous it becomes. However, by that point, it'd become a danger to me as well.
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Sadi's Jutsu
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