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And That's a Wrap
Sun May 30, 2010 12:18 am by Kami
This website is now officially closed. All topics must be finished, and all character must register on the New Website All ranking exams will be finished and ranked by a seperate proctor, and all money will be reset to $200 for everyone in order to make way for the new currency system, coming soon.

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Your Site-Moving Questions, Answered~!
Wed May 26, 2010 3:12 pm by Kami
We've been getting a good amount of questions regarding the move and the time skip that the move will created for all characters. So here are a few general questions, along with their answers, and of course feel free to post any more concerns you have here.

Q: What abilities or weapons will we be able to add or expand on?
A: Not a whole lot, honestly. I'd say a few improvements on what you already have, but not by a lot, as well as maybe one or two new techniques. Let's not do a major overhaul, because that would then disrupt your rank, which will not change in the move. As for weapons, …

[ Full reading ]
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 Spiffy. [Update Complete]

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Reia Ruan
Drifter, 7th Rank
Drifter, 7th Rank
Reia Ruan

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Join date : 2010-01-09
Guild : The Academy
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PostSubject: Spiffy. [Update Complete]   Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:42 pm

Kekkai Genkai: Kage Souran.

Kage Souran, literally translated, is 'Wind control' and that's exactly what it is. An absolute control over her element that does not drain as much chakra as the average Joe. Her winds have been known to do many things, and as she is the 'avatar' of winds, she has been known to be possessed by the Wind Gods, North, East, South, and West, though only do all four dare posses her during Soul Resonance with Aeros.

It also is used to create 'Kaze Stone' a clear rock material with visible winds whipping around in it which, when the stone is harmed, erupt from it in an explosive manner.

In addition to this, Kaze Souran grants her the ability to borrow the eyes of the gods, and as such she can have up to eight eyes on her body excluding her own, but she seems to currently be having problems with this and can only use a maximum of 4. This is normally referred to as 'Overview'.

She is mainly seen using her four types of wind;

Hoku Uindo [North Wind];

The North winds of the North God, These winds are cold, bitter and brittle and are meant to freeze and destroy whatever it touches. These winds tend to be identified by their blue tinge.

Azuma Uindo [East Winds];

The Eastern winds of the Eastern Goddess, these winds are soft and caressing, like the small breezes that carry the cherry petals. These winds are fair and kind and are usually meant for healing, and are identified by their pink tinge.

Minami Uindo [South Winds];

Minami Uindo are the winds of the Southern Goddess, who is quite vain, therefore her winds carry this trait. They like to absorb other winds and things as to remain on top. They're sharp like a knife and hard like they where solid, and are identified by their orange tinge.

Nishi Uindo [West Winds];

These winds are the winds of the Western God, a glorify god whose passion burned as hot as the sun, therefore his winds carry his trait, making his deadly scorching winds that can burn many things without being flame itself. These flames are identified by their green tinge.

[No, I don't remeber why I made West green and South orange. Just how it is. > u>]


Kaze Shikon [Wind Fang];

Pointed blocks of Kaze emit from the ground or the sky, which can move around freely or twirl in a drill-like manner.

Kaze Maruishi [Wind Boulder];

30ft boulders of Kaze that Reia can move around and uh. Throw them at people.

Saiko Ma [Psycho Space];

Saiko Ma creates an alternate dimension within the current one [but entrapping the contestants of say a spar within it] that doubles winds power while lowering ice and fire [Dunno why, was written in my notes from a year ago]. It is also filled with poison gas.

Tei Hanma [Air Hammer];

By punching at something from any distance or making any form of hand movement, it creates a powerful wind current at the target.

Kaze Kirite [Wind Cutter];

Sends a numerous amount of crescent-shaped kaze pieces slashing through the air at the designated target.

Teikiatsu [Cyclone];

Creates a spiraling gale of kaze stones that function much like a cyclone.

Gufuu [Tornado];

Creates numerous 20-50 foot tornadoes of varying colors.

Elle d'Ange [She of Angels];

Creates a pair of large white wings for the user to fly around in. The feathers can harem to the point that they are like metal and can fire gales of feathers, much like bullets.

Tei Zenshin [Air Drive];

Much like Kishou Kurama, Tei Zenshin creates large circular rings of air. The only difference is these don't release the deadly gasses Kishou Kurama does. > u>

Wa no Ate [Ring of End];

Creates a large ring of wind that emits poison through the atmosphere that can stun, paralyze, obviously poison, or on some cases momentarily still breathing. It all depends on situation/Reia's rank/opponent/opponents rank.

Gedokuzai [Antidote];

Just a simple antidote that cures most status ailments. ovo

Kishou Kurama [Rising Wheel];

This technique creates many randomly-sized [though usually over 20ft] circular wheels of air that emit a strong poisonous gas at every rotation.

Kyojin Te [Giant Hand];

Giant light-gray hands of air, they move in sync with Reia's own hands and can be used for long and close range attacks.

Kaze Senbon;

Senbon shards made of different types of kaze. [Orange, Blue, etccc] They tend to be more durable then normal senbon.



A giant pink sharpei wearing a bright pink tutu. Milkshake stands about three stories and weighs about as much as five elephants. She'll eat anything, and by anything, I mean anything. There are odd, unorthodox liquids in her stomach that can digest nearly anything, and believe me, Milkshake won't be turned off by any food, whether it be flesh, trees, or brussel sprouts. *u*

Last edited by Reia Ruan on Mon May 17, 2010 8:27 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Reia Ruan
Drifter, 7th Rank
Drifter, 7th Rank
Reia Ruan

Posts : 108
Rep. : 0
Join date : 2010-01-09
Guild : The Academy
Energy Type : Chakra/Soul Energy

PostSubject: Re: Spiffy. [Update Complete]   Mon May 17, 2010 4:43 pm

Soul Resonance:

The spiritual forms of the four wind gods are summoned for a temporary inhabitance of Reia's/Aeros' body. When this happens the power of these gods [or however much power they can lend without killing their hosts] are fused with Reia's/Aeros' and enables them to increase her power greatly and enable more powerful soul attacks as well as more deadly wind ones. During this inhabitance, the hosts eyes turn the color of the gods inhabiting them. Having all four in one of them for an excessive amount of time is rather dangerous. ovo

Soul [Wavelength] Abilities:

Soul Perception [A Basic];

Practically any meister, weapon and in some cases normal human can see the souls of the deceased. This unique ability allows a person to "perceive" the souls of living people.

By focusing on an individual soul, a skilled Soul Perception practitioner can actually "read" a soul and make accurate judgments about the person's characteristics, personality and wavelength. Knowing the wavelength of a soul can allow a skilled meister to match or disrupt the opponent's wavelength in or outside of combat.

Last edited by Reia Ruan on Mon May 17, 2010 8:29 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Reia Ruan
Drifter, 7th Rank
Drifter, 7th Rank
Reia Ruan

Posts : 108
Rep. : 0
Join date : 2010-01-09
Guild : The Academy
Energy Type : Chakra/Soul Energy

PostSubject: Re: Spiffy. [Update Complete]   Mon May 17, 2010 7:45 pm

And therrrre. It seems it's done until she learns more. o ^o
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PostSubject: Re: Spiffy. [Update Complete]   

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Spiffy. [Update Complete]
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