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And That's a Wrap
Sun May 30, 2010 12:18 am by Kami
This website is now officially closed. All topics must be finished, and all character must register on the New Website All ranking exams will be finished and ranked by a seperate proctor, and all money will be reset to $200 for everyone in order to make way for the new currency system, coming soon.

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Your Site-Moving Questions, Answered~!
Wed May 26, 2010 3:12 pm by Kami
We've been getting a good amount of questions regarding the move and the time skip that the move will created for all characters. So here are a few general questions, along with their answers, and of course feel free to post any more concerns you have here.

Q: What abilities or weapons will we be able to add or expand on?
A: Not a whole lot, honestly. I'd say a few improvements on what you already have, but not by a lot, as well as maybe one or two new techniques. Let's not do a major overhaul, because that would then disrupt your rank, which will not change in the move. As for weapons, …

[ Full reading ]
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 Skelette's Stuffs.

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Kage of the Swamps
Kage of the Swamps

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Join date : 2009-08-27
Nation : Village Hidden in the Swamps
Guild : The Academy
Energy Type : Shini Energy, Graveyard Havoc, Necromancy

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PostSubject: Skelette's Stuffs.   Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:39 pm

Graveyard Havoc:

The Sacrifice: Creates a clone of himself that can absorb any energy shot at him and fire it back if it feels the need to do so or even destroy it within himself, regardless of power or what energy it may be.

The Confused: Releases a black aura from around himself that takes up a wide space that is of his own, not of any normal or known space, nullifying all energy based attacks that come from the opponent. It also ceased the opponent from using any energy based attacks while inside of this as well as keeps anyone except Skelette from using abilities, be them natural or learned, meaning warping, telekinesis, etc are included.

The Rotten: A upper torso of a skeleton demon appears from above the ground. Whatever this torso touches with hands, or any of its bones instantly disintegrates.

The Demon's Hand: From Skelette comes a giant hand that can pass through solid objects unphased and at his own will, sucking out the energies of whatever it passes through or touches.

The Dead: A puppet that looks exactly like the foe appears, built with every bone and every internal... inside thing that the foe has. Whatever is done to it is instantly done to the foe.

The Geo Saber: Makes swords of pure magic shoot straight up from the ground as well as be able to be used by Skelette as weapons or fly around and stuff like that for aerial attacks (regardless of the name Geo Saber.)

The Heretic: An exact copy of Skelette that can use his same moves for Skelette while the real Skelette attacks (example, The Heretic would use The Rotten while Skelette is pounding someone with his Shini Bones.) The Heretic cannot move, however, and upon being touched (if touched) it reverts back into Shini Energy.

The Slave: Fights for Skelette using either the energy of the natural environment around it (For example, a hot place would allow it to use fire) or using Shini Energy, or both.

The Demon: An extremely large Skelette looking monster with a cloak that shrouds the entire area. Within this cloak, you are stripped of all of your powers for a short period of time and utterly... well... Fucked up until it leaves.

The Puppet: Upon being touched by the foe, it takes over the foe's body and allows Skelette to move the foe to his will and whim until its energy runs out.

The Delusion: A fake Skelette appears and the real Skelette disappears without a trace and you fight the fake Skelette, but at any given moment, the real Skelette can pop out and attack.

The Evil Eye: 1) Skelette stares straight into your chakra pool/mind/etc. and forcefully rips out every single amount of energy you have from your body. 2) Skelette summons a large eye made of dark energies and when it is attacked, it absorbs the attack into its eye and instantly appears in front of the foe, paralyzing the foe of all movement and attacking the foe itself.

The Nightmare: Skelette grows to huge proportions, shrouds the entire area with his cloak/rode/thing which nullified all of the foe's abilities completely as well as paralyzes the foe, then an army of Skelettes appear and proceed in beating the fuck out of the foe, similar to The Demon, however Skelette can use it for as long as he wants.

The Accursed: When the foe makes contact with Skelette, he implants some of his Shini Energy into them which slowly drains their life, their chakra, and slowly devours their internal organs and brains.

The Slime: Creates a smiley creature of energy that will absorb all non-physical attacks within itself and store them, becoming larger. It may explode with all or one of these energies if it pleases.

The Goblin: Tiny energy monsters with skulls for faces will attack the foe and suck out their life force by touch.

The Mummy: A floating sarcophagus or upper torso of a mummy will appear and release wrappings that will ensnare and absorb the life of the foe, slowly turning them into a mummy.

The Golem: Creates a giant golem made of any sort of earthen substance that hovers, having no lower torso and skyscraper sized arms and body.

The Succubus: Creates a bi succubus that will suck out pieces of the souls of those she touches, shoots lightning out of her hands and transforms her arms into large, serpent-like things that suck outs souls with powerful vacuum forces.

The Basilisk: A large snake-like head shoots from the ground and spews out breath that turns anything to stone.

The Gorgon: From Skelette comes the upper torso of a Gorgon, the snakes on her head able to turn whatever looks at them into stone.

The Siren: Summons floating sprites that release powerful, high pitched shrieks that are so powerful, they can shatter diamond and liquefy solid objects. These sirens also can suck in sounds as well, or sing tunes that will cause things to go to sleep or become under their control.

The Dream: Skelette's robe wraps around you and sucks out all of your known energies, then also leaves you asleep on the ground.

The Lust: Skelette summons a skeletal beast that pursues a foe no matter where they hide, no matter what illusion they pull and no matter if they are invisible, The Lust always finds you. Then, if it touches you even slightly, you will be trapped in it, paralyzed throughout your entire body and unable to do anything.

The Glutton: A huge skeletal head appears and sucks literally ANY AND ALL ENERGIES WITHIN THE AREA. No energy is an exception to it. The head disappears once all energies in the area are gone.

The Envious: An aura surrounds Skelette that allows him to nullify attacks that touch him as well as fire them back in his own way (example; A fireball comes at Skelette while The Envious is active, the fireball is nulled and a fireball looking Shini Energy.) It doesn't last very long, however.

The Greedy: Absorbs the chakra/energy of someone near him completely to replenish his own.

The Proud: A large mirror appears as far as the eye can see between Skelette and the foe that is one sided. Skelette can see through the other side of it, though the foe only sees a reflection of himself, only the reflection can attack out of its own will.

The Slothful: Space and time around Skelette slows down drastically as long as this being is out on the field, though it does not affect Skelette at all.

The Wrathful: The entire field combusts with an explosion of Shini Bones and Graveyard Havoc fire. It incinerates everything first while the Shini Bones destroy and attack everything within the fires.

The Sin: The necromancer inside of Skelette releases himself from his robe temporarily. He spreads necromantic energies across the entire field, killing the living, reviving the dead (of his choosing) and he will use all of the Seven Deadly Sins Graveyard Havoc at once.

The Paranoid: Skelette summons a floating orb of Shini Energy that locks onto a foe with exceptional accuracy and precognitive abilities, floating around the foe's body. If the foe moves, it instantly attacks with a barrage of extremely sharp spikes that jut from it. It also follows the foe around everywhere.

The Arcane: A large blob-like demon grabs Skelette's scythe and slashes at the foe repeatedly, upon contact both sealing and depleting the foe's energy.

The Hell's Gate: A large gate of bones appears. 1) From it comes a huge and consumptive blast of nothing but undead energies that destroy bodies. 2) The door sucks in all the souls of the living near it.

The Abyss: Skelette's robe grows large and absorbs everything around him with the force stronger than a black hole. The cloak then converts what it touches into Shini Energy.

The Brain Eater: Skelette moves at incredible speeds, now able to float temporarily, devouring organs of people by becoming intangible, however the one he goes after most is the brain. Once the brain is eaten, it is replaced with Shini Energy, making that person under the control of Skelette or dead.

The Soul Eater: A large skeletal head protrudes from Skelette's body and creates a deadly vacuum in the direction of living things, sucking out their life force piece by piece while they are within the vacuum, until Skelette has their complete soul for nourishment.

The Convict: A skeleton with a pistol, a shank and a ball and chain. Once it is destroyed, it comes back every 10 posts (5 from Skelette, 5 from opponent).

The Malevolent: Creates a giant, ghastly spectre that will hover over the land and follow the foe. Whenever the foe attacks, it will attempt to destroy or parry the attack as well at attack the foe directly with a scythe.

The Phantasm: An invisible, floating entity with no lower torso however hundreds of whips coming from its non-lower-torso-having spinal cord appears and whips the fuck out of a foe with its invisible spinal whips.

The Enigma: Skelette may mix and match or merge any one of his Graveyard Havoc AND/OR Shini Energy/Bones abilities to his will by summoning up an enigmatic blob with cute eyes that can merge these things and transform into them at will.

The Reaper: A large Shini Energy reaper appears and takes hold of Skelette's scythe, making it grow to astronomical proportions. The Reaper then takes an incredibly large slash that mows down everything in the vicinity, with a force so powerful and a speed so fast that the very vacuum opens up a space that sucks in souls of the living and then destroys them, as well as sucks in bodies and destroys them as well.

The Twilight: The sky becomes engulfed in Shini Energy which rains down extremely large blasts of shini energy nonstop.

The Fallen: Uses the energy to replicate a fallen ally (For a maximum of 5 turns) that uses the same abilities and powers, however it is under Skelette's control.

The Unique: A skyscraper sized monster with a hammer for a right hand, a reaper scythe for a left hand, a blaster cannon for a mouth and a ghost tail appears that attacks at Skelette's command.

The Dismal: A mist engulfs the area that poisons the foe through physical contact or breathing, but it is not normal poison that takes effect of the blood, no, the mist is actually an entity itself that eats energy of the foe as well as will, so after a while it will eat the will to stand, the will to attack, and possibly the will to live.

The Conundrum: A large hole appears on the ground and various hands try to grab the foe and pull them in endlessly.

The Chaos: A large sphere of energy appears and sucks in whatever it can with the strength of a black hole. It grows larger and larger with everything it sucks in, then it explodes in an astronomical way.

The King: Summons the King of the Dead, ergo, Lich King, or even the Demon King to fight alongside him with various demonic and evil abilities.

The Fool: A Kamikaze attack that kills Skelette's opponent instantly upon contact, but also leaves Skelette on the edge of existence.

The Inferno: Creates a large, burning fire of pure necromantic energies that will suck out the life and souls of the living things that they touch and drain them into Skelette.

The Corrupt: Skelette will touch you just once, even if it is a brush, or one of his undead minions will touch you and instantly, Shini Energy will surge through your body, making all attacks that come out hold the same form as they did beforehand, however they will be made completely of Shini Energy that Skelette can control as well as absorb.

The Pure: Skelette or a being devours all impure energies within something, converting them into Shini Energy and absorbing them. It completely devours shadows and darkness, as well as chaotic or any sort of corrupt or impure energy. It has no effect on light or holy attacks, or anything using light or is completely and utterly pure.

The Nemesis: Creates another Skelette that has all of the opposite abilities of the foe Skelette is fighting.

The Nemesis MK II: Creates a copy of the foe with all abilities opposing their own as well as Skelette's abilities to use to thier will.

The End: An explosion that covers the area in darkness, then, whatever is in the darkness gets sucked back into one singularity of a ball and compressed so much that it has nothing to do but shatter into a million pieces.

The Finale: Skelette takes off the robe that contains all of his energies and basically he becomes the atmosphere of the area, taking control of the air, the trees, the ground, everything and... well... You see where this is going. He fucks shit up.

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Kage of the Swamps
Kage of the Swamps

Posts : 124
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Join date : 2009-08-27
Nation : Village Hidden in the Swamps
Guild : The Academy
Energy Type : Shini Energy, Graveyard Havoc, Necromancy

Character sheet
Race: Undead Energy Reaper/Necromantic Spirit

PostSubject: Re: Skelette's Stuffs.   Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:39 pm

Shini Bones/Energy. This stuff is made from Skelette and therefore requires no energy to actually summon up or use, unlike the Graveyard Havoc which requires Magic.

Paw Glove: A large cat paw with claws slams at the foe.

Pointy Bone: Shini Bones jut out of Skelette or the ground and impale the foe.

Goblin Claw: Many small claws manifest around the foe and slash at them furiously.

Shocking Grasp: Creates a skeletal hand that will grip the foe and surge numerous energies into their bodies to immobilize them completely and seal their energies as well.

Wolf's Fang: 1) Skelette's hood opens up a great distances and clamps down on the foe, trapping them inside of Skelette's alternate realm inside of himself. 2) Shini Bones jut up from the ground under the foe in the form of a wolf's head and devours them.

Bat Parasol: Numerous skeletal bats are created to fly at the foe and tear off their flesh and bones.

Slimy Membrane: Shini Energy gushes from Skelette and wraps around the foe in a slimy, nucleus like fashion, stopping the foe of all movements and making them all sticky...

Cat's Claw: From Skelette, 3 clawed paws form with immense and long claws that will slice through most any solid structure.

Crab Claw: A large claw shoots out of Skelette at extreme speeds and slices the foe, clamping them as well. It rarely misses when the foe is closer, since it moves at supersonic speed.

Porcu-Spine: Releases numerous quills from all over self and curls into a ball or shoots quills out nonstop.

Scorpion Tail: A tail that looks like a scorpion's comes from Skelette surging with poison and paralyzing currents. You don't have to touch the tip for the poison and paralysis to take its effects.

Electric Eel: Makes numerous skeletal eel heads/torsos shoot from body like snakes, and upon touching one, Shini energy will shock you and strip your body of all energies.

Cobra Fang: Numerous skeletal snakes slither around Skelette and upon the foe getting close, they strike continuously and nonstop, draining the energy of whatever they bite.

Odd Mandible: Skelette opens his robe and sucks in everything into the alternate realm inside of himself for a few moments.

Bear Claw: A large claw swipes down from the sky, tearing up the ground and rending through everything quite ruthlessly with one fell swipe.

Viper Bite: Snaps at the foe, shooting a supersonic speed snake out of his own body, upon touching it, poison and acid will disintegrate the foe.

Panda Claw: Superspeed slashes of MASSIVE claws of energy that tear through whatever get in their way.

Bull Horn: 2 extremely large horns protrude from Skelette's hood and he begins to ram through literally everything in a straight line until he is either stopped or until he stops himself to turn.

Spiky Shell: Skelette shrouds his entire body in a turtle shell of spikes that shoot out like juts as well as the shell protecting from all known attacks.

Tentacle: A large tentacle whips out from Skelette, or possibly even more, all surging with paralyzing currents.

Poison Needle: Skelette shoots out a seemingly endless barrage of poisonous needles that cut through the wind, unaffected by resistance from outside forces.

Rose Whip: Skelette makes vines and whatnot with poisonous and latching thorns shoot out and whip at the foe violently.

Mystic Horn: A large horn shoots from Skelette's robe and absorbs all attacks that have been used previously in the battle (and in that battle ONLY).

Medusa's Eye: Skelette's eye glows gray and whatever living thing looks at Skelette will turn to stone. He may also shoot beams that will turn what they touch into stone.

Tiger Fang: Summons a huge Tiger that will leap at the foe and gnaw at them ferociously, exploding with its energy.

Lionheart: Skelette becomes immune to physical attacks for a while, however is unable to attack, himself.

Golem Punch: A large fist as big as a house shoots out of Skelette and punches the foe with incredible force.

Mystic Attack: Skelette secretes a mist that allows him to attack from anywhere that the mist is instantly, meaning without warning and from literally ANYWHERE.

Cat Punch: Fists with extremely large claws coming out of them will appear out of the atmosphere and punch at mach speeds nonstop, easily going up to at least 1,000 every second.

Imp's Claw: Large hand-claws manifest in the air and slash through space, leaving nothingness where they swipe.

Blowfish: Many spikes jut from Skelette and his body expands to unheard of proportions. The spikes will suck out the energies of whatever they touch.

Death's Breath: Spews out a horrendous gas from self that will suck out the life of anything it touches.

Mammoth Tusk: Giant tusks protrude from Skelette and release blasts of energy from themselves by first sucking in a random energy, containing it, then releasing it with double its original power.

Chameleon Tongue: Skelette's Shini Bones are allowed to turn invisible at will.

Organic Power: Shini Energy allows Skelette to make explosions of the earth.

Poor Orphan: Skelette creates a copy of the foe as a child, however with no powers or abilities. Whoever is to touch the copy will instantly have all of their powers sucked out of them, this includes chakra and natural abilities until the battle is over.

Mad Parasite: 1) Skelette makes a parasitic faces cord os energy lash at the foe and if it hits, it will drain life, chakra, energy, etc. 2) Skelette shoots out a swarm of parasites that do...the same thing.

Dark Aura: Skelette's aura absorbs all attacks of all kinds and makes Skelette's power grow stronger until it is done with. Skelette cannot attack or move while this is in use, but it works for just about any energy attack.

Chimera DNA: Skelette touches 3 things and merges those 3 things together to make a super creature of some sort, and it can be ANY 3 things and automatically when they are merged, they become under Skelettes control and are under no exceptions able to be changed unless they are destroyed first.

Pegasus Hoof: A godly hoof of energy stomps down on the ground, covering about 100 foot radius and causing an earthquake and an eruption of shini energy everywhere like a volcano.

Demon Cry: Skelette releases an eerie sound that will distort the space and time only around him, and whoever gets close is under his own space and own time, which does not work by the same laws as normal space and time. This is within a 5 foot radius of Skelette.

Titan Fist: A large fist of Shini Energy shoots out of Skelette and hits with the force as strong as a planet crashing.

Dragon Anger: Heat, as well as fire of all kinds do not work on Skelette.

Demon Fang: The ground becomes the face of a demon and tries to engulf the foe. The face does not disappear after failing once, however.

Death Wing: Skelette sprouts 100 foot wings from his back. Touching these wings will rob you of life, and the wings create decayed wind, this wind able to rob you of life and all of the gases in your body at once.

Asura Arm: Skelette becomes able to create an infinite amount of Golem Fists from his body from anywhere.

Furious Scale: A weight scale appears under Skelette, allowing him to change the weight of whatever he touches to whatever he wants so long as he is on the scale.

Devil Matrix: Space and Time shatter, allowing only the Realm of Skelette to thrive for the time being, and whatever happens there is controlled by Skelette.

Insanity Eye: 3 vertically slanted eyes appear, instantly stopping space and time of whoever is to look into them (this lasts for 2 posts, 1 from the foe, one from Skelette after using it. After that, it wears off.). They may appear anywhere at any time when Skelette says it, to be wary. They also have a different effect, however, if space and time are not frozen. It will shatter the minds of whoever looks into them and send them into insanity, stripping them of their powers.

Bestial Mark: Skelette creates a mark on whatever he touches that makes it disintegrate.

Immortal Body: Skelette becomes unaffected by any and all attacks for a short period of time, in which he cannot move or attack, but his life gets saved for that one post! Haha. It can only be used once per page.

Phoenix Feather: A feather drops and ignites the entire field in Dark Magic fire that will burn up everything eternally.

Satan's Motor: Skelette is able to move at speeds faster than the speed of light, as well as instantaneously ignite things.

Babylon Crown: A crown that will increase all of Skelette's abilities' speed, power, force, etc. by 10fold.

El Dorado: Shoots out one million bullets of Shini Bones/Energy from self.

Lucifer Force: A massive and powerful attack of sheer and utter force in the most literal sense, driving away and crushing everything within a large area of Skelette, leaving nothing where the force comes in contact. The force is so powerful that it can swiftly force down something straight to the core of the earth.

Baal Body: Skelette releases his cloak from himself and unleashes what is hidden under it; his 'body.' This 'body' is actually the essence of Skelette's own will and a realm totally isolated and controlled by himself. If not contained by the cloak, it will spread and spread, making whatever gets sucked into it subject to Skelette's will completely.

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Supreme Flame of the Depths
Supreme Flame of the Depths

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PostSubject: Re: Skelette's Stuffs.   Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:49 pm

I said it once and I'll say it again. Epic disgaeaness xD
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PostSubject: Re: Skelette's Stuffs.   

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Skelette's Stuffs.
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